Costa Rica Culture & Vacations

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Costa Rica is formally termed as “Republic of Costa Rica” is located in Central America. It is surrounded by Nicaragua on the North side, Panama to the East and South side with Pacific Ocean to its western side and Caribbean Sea to its eastern side. Costa Rica actually means “Rich Coast” which has vast stretches of sparkling and beautiful beaches. It is also termed as “Switzerland of the Americans” due to its scenic beauty, plants and animals, and biodiversity. Costa Rica has pleasant and comfortable climate and also amazing nature. This is the chief factor that the tourism industry has grown immensely in past few years. Thousands of tourists worldwide come to visit this wonderful country and relax themselves. It is a perfect holiday destination for all the nature admirers across the world. Most of the people consider Costa Rica as heaven on this planet. Its far beyond words to articulate the true attractiveness of this wonderful country-Costa Rica.

Costa rica has proved to be a comfortable home for thousands of species of plants and animals. It encloses 5% of the world’s total ecology. You will be amazed to see several national parks and highly protected areas as a tribute to wild animals, birds and plants. Corcovado National Park is one of the famous national parks here. You will find all four species of Costa Rican monkeys. Tortuguero National Park- Tortuguero means full of Turtles, provides protection to howler, spider and white throated Capuchin monkeys, a lot of species of birds and huge range of reptiles. National parks are home and nesting to the endangered species of turtle-green turtle and also a safe place to nest for animals like leatherback, loggerhead and hawksbill. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is shelter to greater than 2000 plant species with many orchids. You will be surprised to see the huge collection of different animals here. Thus, it is really great visiting these spots to surprise yourself with huge biodiversity found here.

The culture in Costa Rica is similar to religious culture in the developed European countries. Christianity is the main and leading religion here, but Roman Catholicism is the official state religion. But here you have the right to freedom of religion. Hence, you may find the Christian culture popular in this God-blessed country-Costa Rica. Spanish is the main language here and about 97% of the total population considers Spanish as their mother tongue. These days, Latin American culture is present here whereas the Pre-Columbian culture is mostly absent. The basic pillars of Costa Rican culture are based on the values and principles of Catholic religion and Spanish language. Though, tremendous efforts are taken by the department of youth, culture and sports to promote the cultural life in Costa Rica. National Symphony Orchestra and Youth Symphony of Costa Rica helps in promotion of youth and culture here. Guitar is the most well-known musical instrument and is specifically used in folk dances of Costa Rica. The popular dance forms of Costa Rica are Reggae and Reggaton including salsa, cumbia, soca, meringue, bachata, and Costa Rican swing. Hence, Costa Rica is truly a fun-filled country where people in fact enjoy their lives to the maximum.

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